Window Etching

VIN Window etching














Etching the VIN number onto your car windows is one of the cheapest and simplest ways of helping to reduce car theft. Every car ever made has its own unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in a standardised format agreed across all car manufacturers, and it can be found on your vehicles registration document, and often on newer cars is made visible beneath the front windscreen.


VIN etching simply carves the number permanently onto each piece of window glass on the car, usually in the corner, about 2-3 inches long. This means that if the car is ever stolen and the thieves attempt to give the car a new identity by forging a new VIN number, then the original number will be clearly in display on the windows.


If you are looking for a new car and the car has window etching, always check the number against the one on the chassis and the registration document to ensure they match.


VIN etching often costs very little $10 – $20 dollars and can deter criminals looking to give your car a new identity. Often local police forces and authorities will offer this service for free, and some even hold VIN etching days when you can take your car along to a specified location and have it done while you wait for free – check with your local authority to see if they offer this service.


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