Car Security Cameras

car security camera

Car Security Cameras come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and with many different applications. Several vehicle security companies that also produce alarms and immobilisers such as Toad, also produce ranges of in car hidden cameras, similar to those used by ATM’s to record what is happening inside your car. These can be used to both notify you of a potential thief and possibly identify them at a later date.


Camera locations can be hidden anywhere on the dashboard and advancing technology means they are physically tiny and well hidden – just look at the size of the camera lens on the back of a cell phone to see the potential sizes.


Most cameras come with a recording facility, some will even send images live to you computer via the Internet so you can keep a constant track of anything happening in your car. Costs can vary dramatically depending on how advanced the system you require is, and more specialised systems need fitting by a motor electrician.


Security cameras can also be fitted in your garage or driveway to monitor the exterior of the car at all times and can be a good deterrent to thieves.

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